My Travel Bucket List

Here are my top 5 places I would love to visit and explore, either solo travel or backpacking with a friend. So here it goes…

I have always wanted to visit New Zealand ever since I was little, and my brother and I have tried to persuade my parents endlessly to take us, but it never worked out. The expense of travelling all the way across to the other side of the world, finding a long time period to go and arranging for my dog to taken care of. Yet one day I hope I can find a time to visit – why wouldn’t you want to go when the scenery looks like this?!

My quest to achieve a summer tan, sit by the pool, stroll down little streets and enjoy the amazing food is still ongoing. It is a place many of my friends have holidayed to before and I am jealous every time. But I am hoping I can persuade my boyfriend to take me 😉 ….

Since my first skiing trip when I was 11, I have always wanted to go back with a group of friends and learn to ski properly, and the Swiss Alps seem like the perfect place to go, a great way to explore a new country too.

Fulfilling my Mamma Mia inner superfan and island hopping around Greece on a boat sounds like a perfect summer holiday – even though I may wilt to death due to the heat! But the crystal blue water, classic white buildings & perfect sunsets definitely sound worth it.

Cruising around the Norwegian fjords or hiking the hills, and the cliche of seeing the Northern lights during the winter. Beautiful little fishing towns and glacial valleys would satisfy my love of geography!

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