York University

I know my University series has been vastly spread out, but York makes the third in my list of choices for next year, with an interesting modern literature course and not too far from home.

A bit about the city: 

The city of York although touristy, albeit we visited on a sunny Saturday, was a good mixture of older streets with history and modern, practical shops and plenty of cafes to hang out in. With the river Ouse, a cathedral, York Minster and Clifford’s tower (York’s castle), it has its fair share of beautiful architecture and views. York is well connected as trains to London Waterloo take roughly 3hrs with only 1 change, it being 215 miles from London. To get down south & back home, it would take me 4hr 30mins on the train. A little painful, but bearable. Driving would take 4hrs and you could even take a flight, which would only take an 1hr! 

The Shambles is an old street in York, England, with overhanging timber-framed buildings, some dating back as far as the fourteenth century. This image must be reproduced with the credit ‘VistBritain/Andrew Pickett’


With a population of 208,200, the bustling city centre provides a contrast to the slightly smaller campus university, with approx. 18,000 students. The campus was nice and perfectly adequate, with water and greenery – but consisted mainly of 1960’s concrete slab buildings and the reviews of poor cleaning services and silverfish in rooms was a little off putting. 

Strangely I didn’t take any pictures of the ugly concrete buildings, but here they are in the background

 Nevertheless, the campus’ overall feel was pleasant and I could imagine myself living and working there. Plus being allocated the right college, accommodation would be fine. The campus is a 10/12 minute bus ride from the centre and the buses were running every 7/8 minutes. Alternatively, you own a bike and bike into town, which seemed a popular option with plenty of cycle racks everywhere. So accessibility, tick.

 In comparison to Exeter, which has a brand new campus, circa 2004, the buildings seemed run down but to some of Durham’s older colleges, about par. We had met up with some of our friends who live in York and they said the centre is a wonderful place to be and everyone they know has enjoyed Uni life there. 

So another contender I guess…

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