Les Miserables

“One day more” became the last day and after 2 weeks of intense rehearsals and performances – it was finally over. Having only joined the scene a week before rehearsals, the cast were ready to sing their hearts out and us crew had only just figured out what was going on. The dress rehearsal was interesting, to say the least – a “complete and utter disaster” to quote our director’s words but don’t they say a bad dress run = a good performance?!

My role was to operate the revolving stage in which set, including the barricade spun on; one of my favourite scenes was a 360° revolve which beautifully symbolised the loss of the revolutionaries lives after the battle. Having to concentrate for the full three hours of performance, the adrenaline and tiredness is on high by the final song of the show. 

The buzz of our first performance and our first standing ovation, indicated a good solid start and it only continued to improve from there. 4 more consecutive standing ovations and the friendships built between two different schools was a lot of fun, getting to know and work with different people. Then comes the final night- Saturday, the nervous excitement of wanting to make this performance the best one yet and the tears that will inevitably come after the actors and singers have performed their last scene. 

For me, the best part is making the show come to life. Yes – the crew arrive late and are expected to make everything instantly run like clockwork but knowing that without you the show wouldn’t go on and “the show must always go on” is a great feeling. Plus if you nail it, the applause and satisfaction is worth it.

Come Sunday you are exhausted and the post-show blues ensue, but I have now time in my life for all my other work, hobbies, friends and sleep that I put on hold for a week as I spent the majority of the time in the theatre! I am making an effort to maintain friendships with the cast and members of crew who I met as part of this incredible show. Plus, the after-show party is yet to come, a good chance for a little reunion. 

Here are some pictures of the show (I can’t show you many as I would need permission from the actors but here’s a flavour)

 As life continues after the show: “The day begins and now let’s see what this new world will do for me.” – Jean Valjean

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  1. As for me, my blog is a musical theatre blog while bringing up other topics every once in a while. It is more valuable as a blogger to use topics that you love


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