Sub-30 minute 5K

A little unexpected milestone…

I only run to maintain my fitness and clear my head, but the other day I ran – (what I believe to be!) my first sub 30 minute 5K. It wasn’t really intentional, I was running along listening to my music and my tracking app blurts: 3miles, 28:49. Albeit 5K is actually 3.1miles, so roughly 28:49, but still an achievement nonetheless.

My Goal now is to achieve a 25minute 5K – but how do you go about shaving those few precious minutes off your time? I can’t just run faster, that seems very vague and not very attainable. So, having read some other blogs and articles, I came up with a small plan to achieve my next small fitness goal.

  1. Continue to build endurance: adding an extra mile into a weekly routine. running one longer run per week, combined with shorter runs during the week to build fitness and push through that horrible mental pain!
  2. Hill training: those two words are enough to make me shudder… but by doing hill reps combined with easy periods in between, will build my strength and fitness
  3. Bodyweight strength workouts: adding a basic routine, strengthening the muscles that help keep your body stable and balanced while running and improves muscular strength in the upper body and core

To a me about a year ago, that all sounds frankly disgusting! But now my fitness is slowly improving, and I can visibly and physically feel and see it – my motivation to not lose it and to improve is greater. But for me, it is more a mental health activity – the complete clearing of my mind. Just connecting mind to body.

But to end on a positive note,

“If you run, you are a runner. It doesn’t matter how fast or how far”


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