10 vegan recipes that everyone will love

During these strange and uncertain times finding something to keep you busy and your mind distracted is key, and for me cooking, baking and blogging are fulfilling that goal. However, both my dad and brother are vegan and therefore we have been eating more plant-based food and finding vegan recipes. Here are my top 10 vegan recipes that I think anyone will enjoy, even if you still love a good sausage and bacon sandwich now and then – I mean who doesn’t?!

(Where possible I have tried to find the exact recipe that I used, however some are equally good alternatives – it is all about using what you have available and can find in the supermarket.)


  1. The Big Bosh! Burger

Picture 1

Don’t get me I love a proper burger, fries and onion rings – but this BOSH version comes pretty close for a vegan alternative. It’s made with black beans, rice and sweet potatoes with the black beans giving the burger its ‘meaty flavour’. I have to say it’s pretty good! Served with all the normal salad and accompaniments, it is not quite the same as a normal beef burger but still very tasty.

2. Creamy Korma

This korma is definitely a healthy alternative to your usual takeaway curry, made with sweet potatoes and butternut squash along with cashews, almonds and coconut milk it retains its creamy consistency. My brother made THE BEST Peshwari naan, in these strange times with a lack of flour and ingredients – the end result was still delicious.

Screenshot 2020-04-16 at 21.29.33

3. Special Fried Rice

The colours from the vegetables and spices included within this dish definitely make the dish look appealing. The egg substitute is tofu combined with a variety of veg such as spring onions, carrots, pepper, peas and sweetcorn all creates for a healthy yet filling meal. The curry powder, turmeric and soy sauce are the best flavour combination. A must try for vegan or non-vegans.

Vegan Food and Living

4. Tofu Katsu Curry

Screenshot 2020-04-16 at 21.31.43Another tofu-based meal yet this won’t disappoint. Breaded and covered in spicy katsu sauce, you would know it’s not chicken, but it still tastes delicious. Served with sticky or normal rice, this is an easy meal that even the fussiest in the family would like.

5. Cheesy Toast with caramelised balsamic onions

Picture 2Albeit not an inclusively vegan recipe and perfectly delicious with normal melted cheese, trying out a cashew cheese alternative provides variety. However, there is plenty of pre-made vegan cheese options out there – just experiment with different levels of meltiness; different vegan cheeses behave differently! Combined with the caramelised onions, a personal favourite, this brunch/lunch meal is pretty tasty.

6. Pizza rolls filled with Bolognese

Screenshot 2020-04-16 at 21.31.59Not only does this look good, it also tastes good. With bolognese mince (either Quorn or mushrooms) it is deceptively filling. Making the rolls from scratch is a fun activity to pass the time during lockdown, but it is definitely tastier and more rewarding than simply using ordinary bread. Worth a try and the effort because this is seriously yummy.

Vegan Everyday cookbook

7. Carrot cake energy balls

These energy balls down go super quickly in our house – made with carrots, dates and walnuts with all the ‘nice’ spices (cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg) and covered in desiccated coconut, these are great for a post-workout snack or simply an afternoon pick-me-up which tastes sweet but is actually healthy.

8. Lentil, sage and apple sausage rolls

Picture 3My pastry making skills are some-what limited, so for this recipe buying pre-made rough puff pastry from the supermarket makes these ‘sausage’ rolls not only easier to make, but arguably more delicious. Filled with an ingredient you most likely won’t eat every day lentils, and combined with apples and sage – you’ll just have to try it and then you’ll be convinced.

9. Samosas

The great thing about these samosas is their versatility. This particular recipe uses regular potatoes, garam masala, ginger, mango chutney, onion and peas. However, these would be arguably just as good with sweet potatoes and spring onions. A good lunch time meal or moreish dinner option served with salad – yum.

Tofoo Website

10. Roasted tomato soup with tofu croutons

Picture 4In the past Heinz tomato soup has been the holy grail tomato soup, yet for me this one beats it. With the roasted tomatoes combined with a tin of chopped tomatoes, you can achieve a rich flavour without complicated herbs and spices. The tofu croutons are optional, I just served mine with regular bread croutons – but tofu is a great absorber of flavour so worth giving it a go.


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