Let the adventure begin…

Sorry, it has been a while since I have written on this blog, sometimes life takes over and moves at a pace which can take you by surprise.

Having taken the step to grasp the opportunity and go to a new school, I only had to embrace it & start things afresh, easy right? To say I was a little scared would be a massive understatement.

Fast forward seven weeks … adjusting and beginning to thrive. Boarding, A-levels, new activities, new friends, new routine. I am really enjoying my subjects and the independence and responsibility that comes with being in lower sixth, the reliability the teachers have in us as ‘young adults’ is a refreshing and needed change.

We can grow and expand as ‘young adults’ not as ‘children’, if you want to create a club go for it, if you want to coach a sports team go for it, if you want to direct a play go for it. There really are limited boundaries and endless opportunities, helping you to fulfil your passion or find a new one.

I have joined stage crew, an extra activity designed to give students the chance to experience and learn how to manage lighting, sound, video and set design for the theatre. Only recently our school performed house plays and I had the opportunity to manage the entire lighting for my house – despite my lack of experience and knowledge, I was able to learn and understand the necessary skills to create a lighting display for the play. Just proves the fact that enthusiasm & a bit of courage can go a long way.

Sports has seen my umpiring skills improve for hockey and the sports staff have been more than grateful for my services as an umpire in the junior matches. I have also re-discovered my love for playing the game. I am a part of the IV’s – by no means are we professionals but we always give it our best. I am also a peer mentor, completing my gold DofE, working towards my grade 6 piano and oh how could I forget studying for my A levels.

Given all these exciting and new opportunities, I often forget I am at school, and I have to take exams at the end of next year… I am learning all the time, not just about my subjects, but about how to cope with change and being away from home, most of the time I am so busy that my mind is elsewhere, going at a million miles per hour until it all catches up with you. A moment of rest or quiet. In your exhausted and chaotic state, you can feel a little homesick – a bit wobbly, I like to say.


But you just remind yourself that it’s okay. Everyone has their moments, you aren’t stuck with no communication and touching base with home can be a nice reminder during the week. The importance of friendship and having a core group of people you can count upon becomes so important. I share my dorm with one other person and it’s nice to have someone there for if you need a little support, guidance or merely a hug.

So really this post serves as a little reminder that I am alive and well! But more importantly, that you can do, go and be wherever and whatever you like as long as you aren’t afraid to work hard and admit defeat when inevitably the going gets tough.

As H.G. Wells says: “If you fell down yesterday, stand up today”. 

Onwards and upwards…

Onwards and upwards…





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